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EzWay Transfer-Check Solution
EzWay Transfer-Check Solution
Catalog NumberK14030
Manual/Data Sheet
* This manual on-line is just for reference. The contents of this datasheet are subject to change from lot to lot.
  • Ready-to-use staining solution for visualizing bands in membranes
  • Highly sensitive protein staining : detection of 50ng of BSA
  • Rapid staining protocol : 1-10minutes
  • No interference with antibody recognition for western blotting
  • Water-based destaining : 1-2 minutes
  • Stain proteins in nitrocellulose and PVDF membranes
  1. Mix the solution vigorously.
  2. Soak a membrane in the solution for 1-10 minutes at room temperature and shake.
  3. Remove the solution.
  4. Rinse in water until protein bands are distinct. Change water as necessary.
  5. Membrane may be rinsed several times with water to remove residual staining from the bands.
    Last stains will be removed during blocking of the membranes.
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