About KOMA


KOMA BIOTECH, based in Seoul, Korea, manufactures and provides reagents and tools for life science research. The comprehensive product lines support applications in the study of all major life science research areas, including molecular biology, immunology, cell biology, proteomics and genomics research. Key products include protein electrophoresis systems & pre-cast gels, PCR amplification reagents, Transfection reagent, Direct PCR, nucleic acid purification kits and ELISA kits for cytokines, immunoglobulins.
KOMA BIOTECH will improve productivity and help you by providing a broad spectrum of reagents, kits, and technologies for life science research.




201106Selected as a promising export firm / the Small and Medium Business Administration
201008Governmental Project (Nanoparticle)
200906Governmental Project (Transfection Reagent)
200609Selected as an INNO-BIZ (Innovative Business) mid-size company
04Governmental Project (Development of Precasting gel Production system)
200506Moving (Gayang Technotown)
05Governmental Project (Development of Multiplex for pre-diagnosis of Ovary cancer)
200304Governmental Project (Hot Start Taq DNA polymerase)
200006Certified as a Venture business
199908Governmental Project (Drug Diagnostic Kits)
199809Establishment of KOMA BIOTECH research center
199401Establishment of KOMA BIOTECH