DNA Purification


Product Name EzWay Genomic DNA Kit, Blood, Solution Type
Cat. No. K11780
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Size 100T
EzWay™ Genomic DNA Kit (Blood, Solution type) is ready-to-use kit, designed for simple purification of total genomic DNA from whole blood (treated with citrate, heparin or EDTA), plasma, serum, buffy coat, lymphocytes, cultured cells and body fluids without use of spin columns. This kit is useful to extract DNA from larger samples. Protocol can be completed in less than 30 minutes.
• RBC Lysis Buffer
• Cell Lysis Buffer
• Protein Precipitation Buffer
• Elution Buffer
Genomic DNA released from tissue treated by lysis buffer is bound to a silica gel membrane in the presence of high concentration of chaotropic salt. The purified genomic DNA on the membrane is eluted in the elution buffer.
• PCR amplifications
• Membrane hybridizations
• Restriction enzyme digestion