Technical FAQs


  | How do you keep the gels?
  | What is the difference between EzWay gel and other gel?
  | After Western Blotting how can I remove primary/secondary an…
  | What are the reasons for High background?
  | What are the reasons for No signal?
  | What are the reasons for Weak signal?
  | What is the workflow of Sandwich ELISA?
  | What factors can influence the Western Blotting result?
  | What is Western blotting?
  | What is Sandwich ELISA assay?
  | What factors do influence the performance of ELISA?
  | What is the workflow of Sandwich ELISA?
  | What is competitive ELISA?
  | What kinds of specimen samples are used with KOMA Cytokine E…
  | What is the difference between KOMA Complete kit and KOMA Co…

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