Technical FAQs


  | What are the running and transfer conditions of KOMA Pre-Cas…
  | Is it necessary to run the EzBlot under cold conditions?
  | The gel is turning white after drying. What is the reason?
  | Why do gels crack during drying?
  | Why does power supply shut off?
  | Why current is much lower than the expected start current?
  | Why current is much higher than the expected start current?
  | What are the reasons for empty spots on the membrane?
  | Why no proteins transfer to the membrane?
  | Why current reading on power supply is zero or very low?
  | Why does the Electrophoresis take longer than expected?
  | There is no current during Electrophoresis. What is the reas…
  | Why do the bands on the edge make a curve?
  | What’s the protocol for 2D electrophoresis with IEF gel?
  | What are the contents of the running & sample buffers?

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