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Zymogram-PAG 10% Pre-cast Gel, 1.0mm, 10well

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Size 10/pk
Zymogram-PAG System is a precast gel for detection of protease which can break down gelatin as a substrate. A clear band after staining means that the sample contains proteases or collagenases.
• Pre-Cast gel for detection of protease
• Gel Matrix : Acrylamide / Bisacrylamide with 0.1% Gelatin
• Gel Size : 8 x 8 cm
• Gel Thickness : 1.0 mm
• Cassette Size : 10 x 10 cm
• Shelf life : 1 month
• Recommended Buffer
1) Zymogram Buffer Kit (contains KZB050, KZB040, KZB030 & KZB020) Cat. No. KZB010
Inhibitory Effect of Chebulic Acid on Alveolar Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition in Response to Urban Particulate Matter Using Co-treatment and Post-treatment Exposure
Hee-Ra Lee, Min Cheol Pyo, Seung A Chae, Chung-Oui Hong, Kwang-Won Lee
Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 2019