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IEF-PAG Pre-cast Gel, PH3-10, 1.0mm, 10well

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Size 10/pk
IEF-PAG System is an improved Isoelectric focusing gel for pI determination using soluble proteins.
The pH 3-10 gels have a p.I. performance range of 3.5-8.5 and the pH 3-7 gels have a range of 3.5-7.0. IEF-PAG System used in the first dimension can be used in conjunction with the wide variety of 2D gels to obtain quick 2D qualifications of samples
• Pre-Cast gel for protein separation by pI
• Useful tool for 2-Dimentional separation
• Gel Matrix : Acrylamide with ampolyte
• Gel Size : 8 x 8 cm
• Gel Thickness : 1.0 mm
• Cassette Size : 10 x 10 cm
• Recommended Buffer
1) IEF pH 3-7 Sample Buffer Cat. No. KIS007
2) IEF pH 3-7 Anode Buffer Cat. No. KIA007
3) IEF pH 3-7 Cathode Buffer Cat. No. KIC007
4) IEF pH 3-10 Sample Buffer Cat. No. KIS010
5) IEF pH 3-10 Anode Buffer Cat. No. KIA010
6) IEF pH 3-10 Cathode Buffer Cat. No. KIC010