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EzWay ECL Western Blot Substrate Kit (20X), 50assays

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Size 25ml
EzWay™ ECL Western Blot Substrate Kit is an enhanced chemiluminescent substrate with high sensitivity and unique chemiluminescent system. With low background, good stability, sensitive and enhanced signal, this reagent is good for detecting direct and indirect conjugated HRP antibodies and their related antigens, it can detect the target protein sensitively. Catalyzed by HRP, this substrate can be used to expose X-ray film, and do luminometer detection directly or fluorescent CCD scan.
• High signal-to-noise ratio, low background
• Rapid chemiluminescence
• Can operate under the daylight lamp
• High sensitivity (up to femto antigen)
• Save the antibody : primary (1:1000-1:5000 or 0.2-1ug/ml), secondary (1:20,000-1:100,000 or 10-50ng/ul)
• Reagent A : Luminol and ECL reagent 5ml (20X)
• Reagent B : Peroxide and stable reagent 5ml (20X)