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EzWay Transfection Reagent

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Size 0.5ml
EzWay™ Transfection Reagent, consisting of a unique cationic lipid has appropriate DNA-binding affinity for reliable gene transfection that is applicable to both preclinical and nonclinical studies. Preparing the liposome-DNA complex (lipoplex) is very easy and rapid.
Also, EzWay™ Transfection Reagent shows relatively stronger DNA-binding affinity and better transfection efficiency than other liposomal reagents.
Sufficient reagent for 250 transfection in a 24-well plate is provided.
• Cationic lipid liposome-based reagent
• Low cellular toxicity
• Efficient siRNA and plasmid DNA delivery
• Transfection of a wide variety of cell types
• High transfection efficiency of stable and transient transfections
• Effective in both serum-containing medium and serum-free medium
• Ready-to-use reagent
• Simple protocol
• Universal use for both in vivo and in vitro
• EzWay Transfection Reagent
Unique cationic lipid is mixed with DNA plasmid/RNA to form lipoplex, which transfects into the target cell.
List of cell lines successfully transfected with EzWayTM Transfection Reagent

- HeLa Human cervix adenocarcinoma
- 293A Human kidney cancer
- B16BL6 Mouse skin melanoma
- B16F10 Mouse skin melanoma
- MCF-7 Human breast adenocarcinoma
- HepG2 Human liver/hepatocellular carcinoma
- Hep-3B Human hepatocellular carcinoma
- Chang Human normal liver cell
- BT-20 Human breast carcinoma
- TC-1 Mouse lung tumor
- CT-26 Mouse colon carcinoma
- EMT-6 Mouse breast cancer
- SK-OV-3 Human ovarian adenocarcinoma
- A549 Human lung epithelial carcinoma
- MDA-MB-231 Human breast adenocarcinoma
- NCI Human lung cancer (carcinoma)
- SK-Br-3 Human breast carcinoma
- HT-29 Human colorectal adenocarcinoma
- Jurkat Human T-cell leukemia
The expression of damage-regulated autophagy modulator 2 (DRAM2) contributes to autophagy induction
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