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EzWay Total RNA Isolation Kit

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Size 200T
EzWay™ Total RNA Isolation Kit is designed for extraction of total RNA from animal tissue and cultured cells. Some specially modified protocols are developed for other samples, such as bacteria and yeast. This method first lyses cells by using a chaotropic salt, then binds RNA to silica-based membranes, washes RNA with ethanol-contained wash buffer and then elutes purified RNA by RNase-free ddH2O. It takes 30 min for an entire procedure, and the purified RNA is ready for RT-PCR, northern blotting, primer extension and cDNA library construction.
• Binding Capacity: 45ug
• Column Capacity: 800ul
• Recovery Rate: 85-95%
• Yield: 12ul
• A260/A280 : 2
• Lysis Buffer
• Wash Buffer A
• Wash Buffer B
• DEPC-treated water
• RNA-prep Column
• 2 ml Collection Tube
• Elution Tube
RNA released from tissue by chaotropic salt-containing lysis buffer is bound to silica-based membranes. The purified RNA on the membrane is eluted with RNase-free ddH2O.
• Northern blotting
• Primer extension
• cDNA library construction
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