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EzWay Genomic DNA Kit, Cell

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Size 100T
EzWay™ Genomic DNA Kit (Cell) is an excellent tool offering a speedy and economic method to purify total DNA from cells or blood. This technology first lyses cells and degrades protein by using a chaotropic salt and Proteinase K, then binds DNA to silica-based membranes, washes DNA with ethanol-contained Wash Buffer and then elutes purified DNA by low salt Elution Buffer or ddH2O. Compare with other harmful and time-consuming procedures, such as phenol/chloroform extraction and ethanol precipitation, After using this kit, the high quality total DNA can be used directly for the downstream applications.
• Binding Capacity: 45ug
• Column Capacity: 800ul
• Recovery Rate: 85-95%
• Binding Buffer
• Wash Buffer A
• Wash Buffer B
• Elution Buffer
• Proteinase K
• DNA-prep Column
• 2ml Collection Tube
• Elution Tube
Genomic DNA released from cells is bound to a silica gel membrane in the presence of high concentration of chaotropic salt. The purified genomic DNA on the membrane is eluted in the elution buffer.
• PCR amplifications
• Southern blotting
• Restriction enzyme digestion