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EzWay Gel Extraction Kit

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Size 200T
EzWay™ Gel Extraction Kit is designed for rapid purification of DNA from standard agarose gels. It provides a fast and simple method using advanced silica-based membrane technology for rapid and efficient purification of 100bp-10kb DNA fragments. DNA adsorbs to the silica-membrane in the presence of high salt while contaminants pass through the column. Impurities are efficiently washed away, and the pure DNA is eluted with Elution Buffer or water. The purified DNA is suitable for a variety of applications such as fluorescent DNA sequencing, transformation, restriction mapping, cloning, and labeling.
• Sample Amount:up to 200 mg of agarose gel
• Recovery: 70% - 85%
• Operation time: within 20 min
• Elution volume: 40 ul
• DNA-prep Column
• Collection Tube
• Elution Tube
• Extraction Buffer
• Wash Buffer
• Elution Buffer
After addition of Extraction Buffer to agarose gel slice sample and heating at 50-55°C to melt gel, DNA is bound to a silica gel membrane in the presence of high concentration of chaotropic salt. The purified DNA product on the membrane is eluted in elution buffer.
• Fluorescent DNA sequencing
• Ligation
• Transformation
• Micro-injection
• DNA microarry-based analysis
• Restriction mapping
• Labeling etc.
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